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Museum on the Move

Museum on the Move brings authentic experiences in natural history directly to the 4th grade classroom. The Museum facilitator sets the stage for students to work as teams of scientists on challenges that allow them to ask their own questions, make and record observations and inferences, and draw their own conclusions.

Science in Your School - We Come to You!

MoM uses highly engaging Museum specimens and practices inquiry-based instruction. MoM is made available to all public schools within the state of Utah at no charge. Funding is provided by the Utah State Legislature and by the Utah State Office of Education's Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE) fund as well as generous support from private donations to the Museum. 

  • Program Length: 1.5 hours
  • Class Size: 1 class (25 - 30 students)
  • Fee: Free (limited to one class per year)

Educators: Be Prepared for your MoM Visit
Click for pre-visit activities: Igniting Inquiry & Recording Stars | Click for post-visit activity

Museum on the Move Topics

  • Rocks and Minerals
    Learn methods of identifying and classifying rocks and minerals. Compare sediment samples and record and make inferences based on your observations.
  • Utah Animals: Adaptations and Classification
    Discover adaptations of Utah animals by studying physical specimens such as skulls and feathers from the Museum. Devise your own classification methods and record your data.
  • Fossils: Evidence of Utah’s Past
    Discover different types of fossils by examining specimens from the Museum’s collections. Explore what Utah looked like in distant ages and infer what fossils tell us about our state’s past.
  • The Great Salt Lake: Uniquely Utah
    Observe some of the unique adaptations that plants and animals living in the habitats that make up the Great Salt Lake ecosystem have to survive. Make inferences based on observations and record your data.

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